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10906572_996460543025_7768592040661684438_nNot another food blog ! Well, yes. It is.  I do not make any lofty claims of being different.  I am not a trained a chef and I don’t make claims to be one.  What I am is a PhD student who cooks and bakes to de-stress. And my mother laughs !!!! BEING IN THE KITCHEN TO DE-STRESS ? REALLY? Well, yeah. What better way to get rid of  the smell of latex gloves and bacterial media than to bake a batch of cardamom cookies? So, my experiment failed–let me tenderize some veal cutlets to get the aggression out!  O.K !  Aside from all the snarkiness, I really do enjoy cooking and the only thing more enjoyable than that is to cook for others.  The instant joy that bowl of stew can bring to a tired soul is why I love this process–and I want to share that.

Amidst the rat race of what we call life how often do we savor food? It’s either breakfast-to-go, power bars from the vending machine or microwavable dinners.  I am guilty of all charges.  So on this flavor quest I want to share the joy that food brings.  Some recipes are borrowed, some adapted and some even experimental ! The goal is to keep it easy, budget friendly and quick without sacrificing taste.  Thus, I write my tribute to a simple, unadulterated pleasure — food !

153 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love another food blog! Glad to hear you cook and bake to de-stress. It is a healthy thing to do and you get to eat your de-stressed work 🙂 Thanks for stopping by oceannah I’m glad you liked the veggie platter, it was very tasty indeed.

  2. What a great blog. I’ve been looking for recipes that don’t contain a lot of salt. I looked at every one of your recipes and they seem to fit the bill. great work. I look forward to more recipes. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    1. I am so glad ! I just use enough salt to make it taste right…I NEVER measure salt or follow measurements for salt, adjust it to personal taste. Thanks for the comment !

  3. Cooking doesn’t destress me but I get how anything creative works! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will now float around a bit…

  4. You hit the nail on the head. I also cook to relieve stress. In fact, I have very little stress, especially when I’m cooking or sharing a meal with a friend. Keep it up!

  5. That’s awesome! 😀 I haven’t tried making any of the recipes you’ve posted so far, but they look and sound amazing! Looking forward to making them! :]

  6. I love the premise of your blog 🙂 Food can completely be a de-stressor from the rest of life, and It’s obvious you love to be in the kitchen. That’s sold me completely 🙂 Well done!

  7. I’m honored! 😀 Thank you so much for the feedback. I cant say any less for your blog, it’s amazing! I may not be a doctorate holder, but psychology does know a thing or two about stress. Finding solace in the kitchen is agreed….destressing!

  8. Ok, I just commented on one of your posts, but after reading this I felt the need to say that I am glad to find another PhD student who de-stresses by cooking – that is why I started my blog too :).

  9. Thank you for reading my curried brocoli salad post. I totally understand both your need to cook to destress AND your mother laughing. The variable is family. Let me explain.
    When my boys were young, it was a chore to get a meal on the table three times a day, every day, while working (from home), going to school, and having a husband who travelled Mon-Fri. Oh, did I mention snacks as well? Or paying attention to the healthfulness of said meals? It certainly did not relieve stress.
    Fast forward (too fast In retrospect) 20 years and now i love to cook. Do I feel guilty that I didn’t do this for my kids? Yes, but such is life! Enjoy cooking now and maybe you will be prepared to continue to use this as a stress buster.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad to find your blog. You have some delicious recipes I am drying to try! Looking forward to following your cooking journey 🙂

  11. I de-stress with food too. When things get tough in the afternoon, I love pulling out my cutting board and chopping up some carrots. There is nothing like it for me. I am looking forward to exploring your recipes.

  12. Thanks for the “Like”—–I agree that cooking can eliminate stress, but then there is the problem of consuming what was cooked, the results of which are anything but de-stressful if you are battling the bulges! Your recipes look great!

  13. It’s such a pleasure to see the fabulous recipes that come out of a truly creative way to deal with stress! I see so many people who respond to stress by dysfunctional and unhealthy eating. Kudos to you and thank you for visiting my blog!

  14. Thank you so much for liking my spicy cookie post on Prana Banana! Let me know how the recipe turns out for you :] Cooking is how I de-stress, too. Best of luck in all of your appetizing adventures!

  15. It sounds corny but, I cook for my soul and to feed souls. I like the idea of sitting down with friends and family and eating food I prepared. I like putting new twists on old recipes. Its a soulful thing to cook, you nurish the body, but its more than that :)Its to destress the soul 🙂

  16. I cook to destress too, it is very relaxing on all levels. somehow getting immersed in the task keeps your mind off worries. I also find a great pleasure in people enjoying what I cooked, somehow it is like they are paying me a great compliment!
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  17. I can empathize entirely with your need to destress in the kitchen. The smells of nitrile gloves and bacterial media are all too familiar to me as well. After a day of failed experiments in the lab, it’s nice to go into the kitchen and make something good. Keep up the good work on your blog!

  18. hi! i’m in grad school and feel the same way…a food blog might not be original in and of itself, but it’s a necessity for me and i try to put my own spin on it–thanks for liking “Grain-Free Chocolate Pumpkinseed Bread.” i can’t wait to try your curried okra–it looks great and very comforting. good luck with school 🙂

  19. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and checking out my new blog post. Here’s to lots of good food in our futures. 🙂

  20. Thank you for taking a peek at my blog. Your blog makes my mouth water. OMG that food looks so good. I will be checking out your blog more often. I wish I could try some of your recipes, but at the moment I don’t have access to the ingredients. Maybe when I am home on vacation, oh well.

  21. I think it’s beautiful when people take the time out of their day to make a beautiful meal. The less packaged/processed food the better! Keep up the good work!

  22. As a fellow PhD student, cooking is de-stressing for me, too… all except for the guilt that I have about cooking/blogging rather than working. It’s nice to be in good company, though!

  23. I fully understand cooking to destress. I also find if I am feeling at odds or anxious about anything, cooking or baking seems to ground me and I feel much more at ease. I tend to lose myself in the process and forget anything that might have been bothering me.

  24. So glad you stopped by my blog…so that I could find YOURS!

    I totally cooked/baked to de-stress when I was in college (too long ago to contemplate at the moment). I totally remember my sorority sisters enjoying the five apple pies I baked when I ended a bad relationship senior year (I even made pastry “leaves” to decorate the crusts….it was THAT bad a breakup..ha ha)

    Looking forward to reading more here…..

  25. Thanks for visiting my blog even tho it’s not a food blog 😉 but i do love food blogs! great philosophy-cook to destress.won’t work for me,coz i’ll get fat,haha! i’ll definitely check out your recipes & try one out 😉

  26. Awesome! I’m going to add this to my blog:) after-all even in the quest for fitness we all need a little treat fro time to time and these look perfect!!

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post! I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway for free Wildtree products (it’s an all-natural food line). Feel free to enter or refer anyone you know to enter (especially if you have any friends who want to eat healthier or have dietary restrictions). The link for the giveaway is: http://wp.me/p2wUj4-3l . Thanks again and good luck!

  28. thank you for stopping by my blog… because it brought me here to yours! i totally understand your need to cook/bake as a means of destressing… to whip up something delicious at the end of a tough day is the best therapy! i look forward to reading more of your recipes and hope you’ll find more you like on my blog as well!

  29. A PhD student trying a hand at cooking…that does sound familiar. Oh wait, that’s me! Good to know – so you have the same constraints I have. Will have to borrow recipes from here, then 🙂

  30. You can never have too many food blogs, love them all! I won’t laugh but I will eye roll becuase I have never cooked to de-stress but rather out of necessitiy (food allergies) but I wll say I have found some new and very yummy foods by being more adventurous in the kitchen.

  31. I nominate you for One Lovely Blogger Award! Please copy/paste award from my site and follow rules if you accept! Have a great day 🙂 Your site is beautiful…I really enjoy it and no, you can never have too many food blogs, lol. Keep up the great work~

  32. I thought I was the only person in the world that cooked to de-stress, and then I came across you!

    Thanks for your like on my blog. The Tuna, Spinach & Bean Salad is only the beginning!
    My foodie Blog is in BETA version which in normal people talk means it is a work in progress.

    I have a photography blog willoview.wordpress.com & I am also a student part time & working in Financial Services in Western Australia.

    Look forward to reading your recipes now & future interaction!


  33. Thanks for the “likes” . It seems that great minds think alike…we chose the same template for our blogs 🙂 I love your blog by the way, I just started a few days ago so I am inspired by all the great blogs out there, yours being one of them 🙂

  34. Too funny! You must be a biology grad student like my son. Maybe he needs to start to cook because I know he’s experiencing some failed experiment stressors as well. I’m going up to visit and cook for him! LOL!

  35. Thanks for stopping by, i am new to blogging and feeling overwhelmed. For a long time i had been bookmarking food blogs and now thought it was time to start sharing my cooking experiences.

  36. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and liking it. Yes, another food blog. I know for me I blog because I am a foodie, have been for a number of decades now, and the words within can no longer be contained. Well done.

  37. Oh, wow! What a fantastic blog! I look forward to many delightful hours here. Thanks also for visiting my blog and the Shepherd’s Pie post. You’ll find many great recipes in the Her Ladyship’s Larder category. Nice to be connected with you!

  38. thanks for liking my recent post on my India Journal blog and even more thanks for bringing me here to this delicious place! Just reading the names of the posts has my stomach growling and my mouth watering. I look forward to exploring further. 🙂
    Namaste from Rishikesh
    with love light and JOY

  39. From one PhD to another I totally understand where you’re coming from! This is a great blog and thanks for stopping by mine – there’ll be some Christmas recipes posted soon so keep a bottle of brandy handy! Best, TYT

  40. Thanks for coming by my blog and liking my post. I just pinned your gingerbread cake recipe–I love all your fall recipes. And I love what you have to say about cooking. With the constant pressure to feed my family I sometimes lose that joy.

  41. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and hence introducing me to yours. I empathise with the need to destress during your PhD, I remember the pressure all too well. Best of luck with your studies, look forward to reading your posts! Tracey

  42. Thanks for checking out my blog (Campo on the run) and liking my post! I’m glad someone shares my sentiment for meals that feel like a big hug! Food should be about joy!

  43. I destress by cooking too!! 😀 and my mom LOVES it, ’cause then she gets to eat 🙂 hehe your recipes look cool! I’ll want to try them out soon! 😀 thanks for dropping by my blog 😀

  44. I completely understand how cooking and baking in the kitchen helps to destress! It was one of my ways to deal with the stress of grad school. Looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

  45. You’re obviously not alone in the ‘cooking to destress’ club. I too find it incredibly soothing to move around the kitchen, mixing and stirring (and it’s ironically not too dissimilar to growing bacterial cultures now I think about it). My housemate in uni too had a similar habit, except that she mainly baked. I remember working on my dissertation in the dining room late at night and she came back from the library and started baking…not just one cake, but two!!
    Nice blog, I’ve not seem much yet, but will take a peek at your other posts, so far I’ve only seen the doughnut muffin post, but it looks good, and I’ll definitely try it out some time.

  46. Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading my post on Fast and Easy Grilled Salmon. From poking around your site, it appears we like to cook and eat similar things. I look forward to exploring your site further.

  47. Hey there! You liked a post on my blog so I had to come check out your blog. What a lovely blog you have! I’m excited to try your Curried Lentil Stew with Chard and Beans – it sounds wonderful!! I look forward to more of your posts! Celeste 🙂

  48. Wow! You’re recipes look amazing! I can’t wait to try them out. I also love to destress in the kitchen, however I usually need to destress after long undergrad labs rather than actual Ph.D experiments! Looking forward to following your blog for some more delicious recipes:)

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